Other Items of Interest from Bear Archery

Other Items of Interest From Bear Archery

Knife, Stone, and File Set
Although not listed in the Bear catalog until 1957 for the first time, the Knife, Stone, and File set was being made as early as 1951 according to Al Reader. Officially called the Bowhunter’s Kit, there were 25 units made and given to friends by Bear in those years before they were first found in the catalog.

A simple Western knife, with a sharpening stone and file all in one leather sheath and selling for only $9.95, this popular item remained in the catalog all the way until 1978. Then why are they so hard to find? Good question, but I would venture a guess that most were lost to time in the bottom of a bowhunter’s tackle box, and may still be there waiting to be discovered. Get out your old Bear catalogs from 1957 through 1978 and find the picture of this scarce item, then you will know what to look for. I am sure that they are out there in the flea markets waiting for you to find them. And if you find two, call me!

Note – To tell if the knife in a set is the right knife, look at the model number found on either the tang or the finger guard. The model number should be #648. If it is not a #648, then the knife is not original.

The scabbards on the first 25 sets which were produced beginning in 1951 probably did not have a logo or brand mark on them at all, while the scabbard had the small Running Bear logo from the first sets in 1957 until somewhere in the mid-1960’s. Then in this mid 1960’s time frame, the logo was dropped in favor of the Bear script lettering which remained until the item was discontinued in 1978.

The early Bowhunter Kits had a Western knife with real bone handle, and the. Somewhere around the time of the logo change on the scabbard, the knife handle also changed over to a synthetic handle called Derylin.

St. Charles Quiver
Glenn St. Charles was the West Coast distributor for Bear Archery almost since the beginning. It was Glen who set up the famous Little Delta hunts in Alaska during the late 1950’s, and it was Glenn who designed the famous St. Charles quiver. First found in the 1961 Bear Catalog, the first model St. Charles quiver was available only in a suede leather at a cost of $12.50. These first model quivers in suede are very scarce.

Note – There were actually two different variations of the first model suede St. Charles quiver. The first variation from 1961 until 1963 had no chest strap, with the chest strap being added for the 1964 year and for all models thereafter.

The second model St. Charles quiver was available in “antique elk hide” (a smooth leather) beginning in 1965, and the last model was available in vinyl beginning in 1971.

The St. Charles quiver was discontinued after the 1974 catalog.

This is a photo of the second variety of the St. Charles Quiver, with antique elk hide construction. Notice that the leather is smooth as compared to the first model which was offered in suede.

Both of the leather models command a lot of attention with todays collectors, while the vinyl model is only moderately desirable.

Fred Bear’s “Secrets of Hunting”
Album and Cassette
This limited edition LP record album was first made available in 1968, but not officially listed in the catalog until 1969. Recorded with Curt Gowdy of Sportscaster fame, Fred relates many stories of his hunts and tips for success. Sold for $1.00 in the catalog, this item only lasted until 1970, when it was discontinued. During this time over 60,000 records were sold.

In 1983 Bear re-introduced the “Secrets of Hunting” as a cassette. This version lasted through 1986.