The Early Bear Archery Bow Quivers

Early Bow Quivers

Fred Bear patented the original bow quiver in 1946. This first model bow quiver has come to be known as the “Scabbard Quiver” due to it’s all leather appearance, except for the base where the arrow clips are mounted. This original quiver, made of soft sheepskin, was available only in a 3 arrow model, was made from 1946 through 1956.

The famous “leather top” quiver, recognized by the brown metal frame and hood with leather cap, became available in 1956 in the screw-on and a tape-on variety.. The spring-arm variety was not available until 1963. These models were all 4 arrow design and were last listed in the catalog in 1971.

The 8-arrow quiver from Bear Archery was introduced in 1963.

From left to right, the first model Bear Quiver from 1946, the screw-on leather top quiver first introduced in 1956, and the spring arm leather top quiver not introduced until 1963.