A Chronology of Bear Archery

Chronology of Events for Bear Archery Company
1902 – Fredrick Bernard Bear born in Pennsylvania
1927 – Fred meets famous bowhunter Art Young in Detroit and becomes friends
1933 – Bear Products Company opens in Detroit making archery equipment as a sideline
1937 – Fred Bear patents first bow glove
1937 – Bear hires Nels Grumley to begin making bows under the name “Bear Products by Grumley”
1940 – Bear Products is split into two companies, with Fred retaining the archery business and his partner keeping the automotive business. The archery business begins using the name Bear Archery Company
1941 – Nels Grumley drops the “Bear Products by Grumley” branding tool and begins writing his name on the bows which he makes, signing “Bear Archery by Grumley”.
1942 – Bear produces first Bear hunting movie
1943 – Bear experiments with first Bear take-down bow.
1946 – Bear patents first bow quiver
1947 – Bear opens a new plant in Grayling, Michigan and moves all operations there.
1948 – Bear Archery produces TV and record cabinets for Admiral Corp. in an effort to make ends meet.
1948 – Nels Grumley quits Bear in a dispute over bow manufacturing methods.
1949 – Bear begins mass production of bows in Grayling, the Polar, Grizzly, and Kodiak. These first bows are laminated with a layer of Aluminum salvaged from WWII.
1950 – Last full year for the Aluminum lamination.
1953 – Bear patents the working recurve limb, thus the patent date silk-screened on bows made after that date
1954 – The first working recurve bow made by Bear is marketed, the Kodiak II, or Compass Kodiak.
1956 – Bear markets the famous Bear Razorhead broadhead for the first time.
1958 – Fred and Glenn St. Charles make first trip to Little Delta, Alaska
1959 – First year for the coin medallion in the bow risers
1967 – Fred Bear museum opens in Grayling, Michigan
1968 – Fred sells Bear Archery Company to Victor Comptometer
1970 – Bear begins selling the famous Bear Take-Down
1972 – Last year for the Bear Take-Down
1977 – Kidde Corp. takes over Victor Comptometer
1978 – Strike forces closure of Grayling plant, and operations move to Gainesville, Florida.
1981 – Bear opens plant in Florida to make glass springs for the auto industry
1988 – Fred Bear dies

Bear Archery Plant Locations
1933 – 193? – Tireman Avenue, Detroit, Michigan (Left Tireman for Burlingame in 1936 or 1937 probably)
193? – 1940 – 4700 Burlingame Avenue, Detroit, Michigan
1940 – 1947 – 2611 W. Philadelphia, Detroit, Michigan
1947 – 1978 – Grayling, Michigan
1978 – Present – Gainesville, Florida